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What’s on in The Cellar?

Unless otherwise stated: Our doors open at 7.30 pm….. Performances start between 8.30 – 9 pm….. The attached cafe is open for meals, and other yummy stuff, on Saturday nights from 7 pm until 9.30 pm for your convenience. Come and enjoy an evening with us….. it’s luvly.

November / Tachwedd:


Friday / nos Wener 29th: The Cellar Bards: A monthly meeting of the local poetry scene, including an open mic session and a guest speaker. This is a warm and friendly group and we want to hear your poetry, prose and ditties….. Entry by subscription of £3-00

Saturday / nos Sadwrn 30th: The Tanglejack Show: This fabulous acoustic duo made a guest appearance last year at “Unplugged Club” I was taken by the skill of their playing and the beauty of the songs they sang…. I look forward to seeing them again in The Cellar. This is an unusual Saturday seated concert: Relax and enjoy….. Entry / Mynediad: £8-00 (£6-00 conc’.) OTD / Wrth y Drws.

December / Rhagfyr:

Sunday / nos Sul 1st: Nick Harper’s 58, Fordwych Road Tour: …..NICK HARPER is one the UK’s best kept musical secrets. Those who have witnessed the spellbinding,
one-man show will tell you this. A childhood growing up surrounded by the musical prowess of some of the 60’s most revered songwriters & musicians, not to mention being son of Roy Harper, along with 20 years of crafting songs & touring the land has spawned a truly one-off, original guitarist & songwriter.

58 FORDWYCH ROAD is an all new show that centres around a living room in a small flat in Kilburn, London in the mid 1960s. Then the abode of up-and-coming singer-songwriter Roy Harper & his wife Mocy. The flat was an after hours hang-out for the legends who played at Les Cousins in Soho at the height of the acoustic explosion in swingin’ sixties London.
People like Bert Jansch, Davy Graham, John Renbourn, Paul Simon, Marc Bolan, Sandy Denny & others dropped in, to drop out, jam & try new tunes. But, all along, there was someone else there… a toddler, part of the family, inhaling the music & absorbing the vibe; Roy’s young son, Nick Harper. Nick later carved out his own career in music, but in this unique & one-off show he plays tribute to the time, the place & to the music that became the centre of everything for him & the rest of this ‘family’….. Entry / Mynediad £15-00 Ticket link / linc tocyn:

Thursday / nos Iau 5th: Open Mic: Lively and lovely. Everyone welcome to this warm and friendly weekly event. Free Entry / Mynediad am ddim.

Friday / nos Wener 6th: Unplugged Club: Our regular meeting of acoustic music fans. A very friendly and welcoming group that like to sit down and listen to each other as they perform their favourite tunes. All welcome. Entry / Mynediad: Subscription £3- OTD / Wrth y Drws.

Nos Sadwrn 7fed: Dafydd Iwan gyda Dafydd Pantrod: Beth gallwn ni  ddweud: Dafydd Iwan yn Aberteifi….. wow….. ond, mae cyngerdd hyn wedi gwerthu allan.

Tuesday / nos Fawrth 10th: My mate Conyl and his mates have knocked up a band, which they call: The Delicate Flowers. Now then, I’ve seen ’em and I think they’re great fun; but, they want to know what Joe Public thinks. Hence, we’re offering a free gig, so come and listen…. or have a dance. Free Entry / Mynediad am ddim.

Thursday / nos Iau 12th: Open Mic: Lively and lovely. Everyone welcome to this warm and friendly weekly event. Free Entry / Mynediad am ddim.

Friday / nos Wener 13th: Keith & Julie Richards: If you were lucky enough to catch these two awesome performers at The Tenby Blues Festival, you’ll want to see them again, and here’s your chance. Their rip roaring Acoustic Blues really delivers: Julie’s voice is powerful and full on; complimented to great effect by Kieth’s fancy blues guitar work….. Entry / Mynediad £8-00 (£6-00 conc.) OTD / Wrth y Drws.

Saturday / nos Sadwrn 14th: VJ Lux Looper & Stardust Cooperative: An evening of all the best from the club scene, from the 80’s ’til the more recent Bristol Scene. Possibly with a favouring toward “Acid House” with awesome light and video projections. ….. Lots of great tunes, lots of dancing….. luvly Entry / Mynediad £5-00 OTD / Wrth y Drws.

Sunday / nos Sul 15th: Watch this space, just in case….. TBC

Thursday / nos Iau 19th: Proper Irish Christmas Knees Up With Padraig & Jill: Lively and lovely. Everyone welcome to this warm, joyous and friendly event. Lots of Jigs, Reels & great Irish tunes. These guys have been playing The Cellar for many years, and are a joy to see and hear every time. Expect dancing, song and loads of fun. Free Entry / Mynediad am ddim.

Friday / nos Wener 20th: Maya Mitten’s Christmas Warmth And Shine: Mitten’s will be bringing great music, lots of joy and dancing, and her charming personality. Maya is a very popular DJ here, playing a diverse selection of classic Reggae and Dub styles, we expect this gig to sell out as usual. Entry / Mynediad £5-00 OTD / Wrth y Drws.

Nos Sadwrn 21ain: Parti Nadolig Tradoddiadol “Singalong” Straeon â Chaneuon gan Rhian a Kieth: Loto hwyl a cwrw….. Digwyddiad am ddim yn y Seler gyda ffrindiau…….. Dewch i lawr ymuno y parti……. Mynediad am ddim.

Sunday / nos Sul 22nd: Sunday Shout Out With Nathan Jones: Great music, awesome light & projections show, real vinyl and super people. Another night of fun with good people and fabulous music: Nathan (Mr. Stardust Project Dude) has superb taste…….. Come and dance along with us, and find out why Nathan is so popular across the country…… Entry / Mynediad £3-00 OTD / Wrth y Drws

Thursday / nos Iau 26th: Caffi Cwmni / Cafe for Company: A community project to help people find company and enjoy food & drinks without financial or social pressures. This week we are offering a free Christmas dinner. Afterwards, the bar will be open for a bit of lively banter and music…….  Lively and lovely. Everyone welcome to this warm and friendly event. Free Entry / Mynediad am ddim.

Nos Sadwrn 28fed: Gwilym Bowen Rhys: Cerddor o Fethel yn Arfon ydi Gwilym. Mae wedi bod yn hogi ei grefft ar lwyfannau ers ei arddegau a bellach mae’n un o gantorion gwerin amlycaf Cymru. Mae ei gerddoriaeth yn gymysgedd o’r hen a’r newydd, yn arbrofi gyda hen eiriau ac alawon ac yn eu cymysgu gyda’i gerddoriaeth ffres ac egnïol ei hun. Fe enillodd y wobr am yr ‘artist unigol gorau’ yng Ngwobrau gwerin Cymru yn 2019 ac mae wedi perfformio ei gerddoriaeth dros y byd. Cyhoeddodd ei albym gyntaf ‘O Groth y Ddaear’ yn 2016 â gyrhaeddodd restr fer ‘albym Cymraeg y flwyddyn’ yn yr Eiseddfod Genedlaethol. Yn 2018 cyhoeddodd y cyntaf mewn cyfres o gasgliadau o hen faledi, ac yn 2019 cyhoeddwyd ei drydedd albym: ‘Arenig’.

Gyda chefnogaeth Bois ‘di Bennu ( rejects Bois y Frenni!)

There was a time when Welsh singer and collector Gwilym Bowen Rhys would have been known for his work in rock band Y Bandana and his sibling folk trio Plu but, after his masterful debut album of traditional and original songs, O Groth y Ddaer (From the Womb of the Earth), he was quickly considered something of a special solo artist dedicated to studying and singing songs from the Welsh tradition.

Support: Bois ‘di Bennu – Male Voice Group (rejects Bois y Frenni!) Entry / Mynediad £10-00 (£8-00 conc.) OTD / Wrth y Drws.